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02 jun

Secondhand i Köpenhamn FW14

Our guide to the best Second hand fashion in central Copenhagen. We did a small tour through central Copenhagen during Fashion Week in February. Street fashion was grand. The typical Copenhagen woman wears dirty wellingtonboots to a huge fur jacket and a beenie as she goes out to buy her take away morning coffe with a bun around one in the afternoon. Guys are still dressed in hipster beards to their skinny, to short pants and tattoos all over. The stores we visited:

Magnolia Luxus Second Hand


Copenhagen K

Times Up Vintage


Rags to Riches. Second hand online. Päls. Kläder. Köpenhamn.


As you hear in their name, they have mostly expensive brands. Louis Vuitton bags and Balenciaga pants. And, a lot of Danish brands like Malene Birger or Day Birger Mikkelsen. Changing rooms are ok. We found a Von Furstenberg blouse in viscose, a knitted vest from Won Hundred and a leather jacket from Day. We also spottet som fake products with real labels. 

So, from Magnolia we learned that in Denmark it’s common to cut out the badges from expensive clothes and sew them in to other, cheaper clothes in order to sell them. So, check the zippers, buttons etc to see that they are branded with the correct brand. A fake can still be a nice piece of garment, but not worth it’s price. At Magnolia you only find women´s clothing.

Address: Købermagergade 5

Rags to Riches. Second hand online. Shopping Köpenhamn. Päls.


New opened 2:hand shop close to Henrik Vibskovs flagship store. Filled with modern clothes and shoes for men and women. Swedish and Danish brands like Acne, Stine Goya etc. Very Nordic, well sorted and good dressing rooms. Clearly recommended if you want to buy modern brands from last season to a good price.

Address: Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 4

Rags to Riches. Second hand online. Second hand Köpenhamn. Shopping Köpenhamn.

Copenhagen K

Vintage, old stuff and real findings to good prices. You should know what you are looking for or have a lot of time to spend here in order to find something. We found a dark blur Burberry coat, the coolest baseball caps in white with pink rabbits on and nice fur coats (if you are in to fur). You can also find sequin party dresses and vintage training clothes. This shop has two locations, close to each other. For boys and girls. 

Adress: Studiestræde 32

Rags to Riches. Second hand online. Shopping Köpenhamn. Vintage. Fönstershoppa.

Times up Vintage

Saleswoman with an attitude but good style and knowledge. Its mainly vintage, but nice stuff. No rags. Celine sunglasses, Chanel dresses and bags, suits for gentlemen… all pretty expensive. For ladies and gents. 

Adress: Krystalgade 4

Rags to Riches. Second hand online. Shopping Köpenhamn. Docka. Vintage.


A small shop one floor down, not so much clothes perhaps but a nice atmosphere. The owner has her work area behind the shop, there she creates pillows in fantastic cloths. All very modern. She also sells second hand (real vintage) perfumes and jewelry.

Adress: Larsbjørnsstræde