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How to sell

Vi älskar vackra märkeskläder & bättre vintage!



We recommend you to do all of these steps through your smartphone. Of course its also possible to use a tablet or laptop & a normal camera.



Take up to three photographs of each item you want to sell (be sure to photograph them in a room with plenty of natural light.) Photograph the front and back, any interesting details or flaws (if any) and the label. Feel free to use a hanger or yourself as a model. The better the photographs, the more likely you are to sell your item.

Pictures should be medium in size and and can be up to 4MB. The picture will only show in low resolution, maximum 460 pixels wide on the site.



UPLOAD YOUR ITEMS Click on “Sell” in the main menu and start uploading your photos onto the site. Complete the relevant criteria for your item. These can not be changed once the advert is published. Only the price can be changed afterwards on the account pages. (It will soon be possible to change the advert after it has been published. We are working on it).


PREVIEW. If you need to make changes to the advert it´s possible. When you are super happy with everything it´s time to pay & publish.


PAY. If you sign up before June 2014 you will receive 3 free adverts, which will be saved to your account for 7 months. Once these have all been used, you must pay for each advert, or buy 10 adverts to receive a discount. You will be transfered to a secure Paypal environment to complete your payment. Payment can be made by credit card or via a Paypal account.



Once the payment transaction is made, your adverts will be published. We will send you an email with a link to your advert as soon as it is uploaded to the site. You can also view your adverts on your account page.



You can boost the exposure of your advert by using social media, such as Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter and Instagram. We strongly recommend this.