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About us

Välkommen till Rags to Riches! En online marknadsplats för secondhand märkeskläder.

What is Rags to Riches?

Rags to Riches is an online store concept dedicated to second-hand designer fashion. The site will launch primarily in Sweden, with plans to grow to attract international clients. Rags to Riches is a platform for private buyers and sellers to meet and purchase goods. However, all transactions will be strictly between the buyer and seller via email/mobile contact, and the site will not accept responsible for any transactions between the two parties.

Rags to Riches aims to create an environment inspired by fashion past and present, rather than a mere marketplace for second-hand clothes.  The site will also be open to retailers of second-hand and vintage fashion. An edited selection of the best pieces will be promoted.

Our target market is fashion and style-conscious adults living in Sweden. We aim to attract sellers and buyers of high end, international labels, such as Lanvin, Christian Dior, Christian Louboutin, as well as successful Scandinavian brands like ACNE, Malene Birger and Whyred.

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A part of the shop will also feature top quality clothes for children.

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We are a happy team with a shared love and interest for fashion, second-hand and vintage style. We all have our own reasons and different points of view.

Lisa Loderus is the owner and founder of Rags to Riches. She is an entrepreneur and Art Director from Malmö, Sweden. Her driving force is her love for clothes (&shoes &bags) and a serious interest in creating a more sustainable way of consuming fashion.

Louise Löfdahl is responsible for customer service. When you need help, Louise is your woman. Being online savvy, Louise also runs our Facebook page, as well as having her own blog on the site. She is also one of our editors and helps choose our top picks.

Eddie Fischer is a fashion icon in her own right and our very own stylist, photographer and writer. Read her inspiring posts about fashion.  She is a professional with a truly impressive wardrobe.

Kajsa Holst is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She runs a successful business in Malmö within sustainable design. She is our networking expert.

There is also a network of creative people around to help us, such as Ashlee Beard, who will update all the swenglish texts to proper english, and Stylist Helena Åkesson who has taken the beautiful image pictures.