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Rags to Riches may not be held responsible for any transactions between the two parties.

Rags to Riches is not responsible for any goods that disappear or arrive damaged.

Rags to Riches may block certain users if we feel that they are not abiding by the rules or are using the site for anything other than its original purpose – for purchasing and selling second-hand designer and vintage fashion goods.

Rags to Riches may remove adverts if we feel that the images or text are not suitable for the site.

The selling of counterfeit goods is strictly forbidden. However, Rags to Riches cannot be held responsible for sellers who sell fake designer goods. Please contact us if you think you have been exposed to fraud.

Rags to Riches takes no financial responsibility whatsoever for any transactions between a seller and buyer.

We are simply an online shopfront for second-hand fashion.

Items or images that are forbidden on Rags to Riches:

-       Stolen goods

-       Fake items

-       Adverts that are not genuine or can be seen as offensive to our visitors

-       Pornography or sex toys

-       Adverts where genitals or women’s nipples are visible (we understand it is a fine line, but we decide where to draw it.)

-       The sale of anything else but clothes/shoes/accessories

-       The sale of new items from retailers.